Dana Linn Bailey – Is She Natty Or Not?

Who Is Dana Linn Bailey?

For those of you who don’t know Dana Linn Bailey she is an extremely well-known fitness celebrity and has tons of fans worldwide. She competes in women’s physique where she’s on the olympia stage. She now wants to compete in powerlifting and she’s planning on competing in the US APPL which is the North American branch of the IPF powerlifting organization.


With that being said I thought today would be a good day to ask one simple question: Is Dana Linn Bailey natty or not?


Dana Linn Bailey Is Associated With Enhanced Athletes

Now first of all let’s talk about one of the IPS interesting anti-doping policies. It’s prohibited in their organization to associate with anyone who’s guilty of an anti doping violation as the IPF assumes you’re guilty by association. So basically if you talk to or train with anyone who’s taking steroids you are therefore guilty of taking steroids according to the IPF and they’ve even
gone as far as banning people who’ve attended certain seminars.

This is a problem for Dana Linn Bailey as she’s associated herself with quite a few steroid users – look Dana Linn Bailey did a seminar with Mr. Olympia Phil Heath a well known steroid user:

…..oh and she works out with steroid users such as Kai Greene as well. Also I’m pretty damn sure that those women that she compete against are taking steroids so she’s associated with trained with and competed with people who take steroids.


It’s obvious that the IPF isn’t going to ban Dana Linn Bailey for breaking any rule because she’s popular and everyone likes her. She’d bring in a ton of attention and money to their organization and even if the IPF didn’t care about money and all they wanted was to have a safe and fair competition for everyone and they uphold their own rules with no exception they can’t because it would be a horrible PR move. Dana Linn Bailey has so many loyal devoted fans, all brainwashed into believing her fake natty status.


The IPF would get flooded with thousands of emails that would sound something like:
“Are you people seriously retarded Dana Linn Bailey is all-natural she has never taken any steroids you people have your heads up your asses i will never support your dumbass organization if you’re not going to let Dana Linn Bailey compete I’m never going to watch any of your stupid meats and I’ll never compete in your stupid Federation either you’d probably just been me anyway because I like Dana Linn Bailey”.


So Is She Natty Or Not?

The above statement is exactly the reason why she’s choosing to compete in a drug tested Federation it so she can maintain her fake natty image and yes people are that naive. They think that just because Dana Linn Bailey is competing in a drug tested Federation that means she’s natural.


Well Dana a rational person would know what women that look like you inject male hormones into themselves. An incredibly easy giveaway of a steroid user – particularly if they’re female –  is when they have extremely well developed traps and shoulders:




……Those are muscles with very high amounts of androgen receptors that will really grow and react to steroid use. Women just can’t develop big huge thick round looking traps and shoulders because they don’t produce much testosterone.


Also they don’t have any balls but as you can see Dana’s traps and shoulders aren’t looking natty and is anyone really going to tell me that a woman can look like that without taking steroids?


Dana Linn Bailey is extremely lean she maintains a low body fat percentage all year round and it’s especially lean for a female. Women just naturally store more body fat they need more body fat on them for health reasons but if you have a more masculine hormonal profile from taking steroids it would be much easier for a woman to maintain a low body fat percentage like Dana.


Another dead giveaway is that her muscles are big full and thick even when she’s dieting down for a competition. She never looks flat and emaciated like natural lifters do when they are dieting for a competition and this is true for both men and women steroids just help your muscles stay big thick and full looking even when you diet down:


Despite this all being painfully obvious i’m still going to get tons of ignorant kids in the comments section telling me I’m just jealous i don’t know anything Dana Linn Bailey isn’t on steroids because having to acknowledge the truth would just ruin their fantasies.


Listen there’s nothing wrong with liking manly women who take steroids and on an ethical level there’s nothing wrong with women taking steroids. Women have just as much of a right to take steroids as men do but what I have a problem with is lying especially when it’s lying to make money to promote a brand and to promote unhealthy unrealistic and unobtainable body image standards for girls/women.
These lies you’re spreading Dana are helping anyone but yourself. You’ve made a business out of lying to people and being a fake natty.


What Steroids Does She Take?

No one knows what she’s taking. But since she’s a woman one could think that she’s running low dosages of ‘mild’ steroids to stay lean and shredded year round like:

Note that this is pure speculations. No one but Dana Linn Bailey knows the correct stack