Does Modafinil Keep You Awake

A pill that can make you more intelligent, and it’s even completely without side effects



….It sounds almost too good to be true, but nevertheless, researchers at Harvard and Oxford universities are now willing to endorse Modafinil – a preparation usually to patients with narcolepsy (uncontrollable drowsiness), but increasingly also used of healthy people.

The pill is said to improve the ability to make decisions, solve problems and maybe even get people to think more creatively. It writes The Guardian.
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No short-term side effects

While we have not yet had the opportunity to examine whether the composition has long-term continuing side effects, so researchers can now have proven Modafinil, conclude that it, at least in the short term is reasonably safe to consume while not addictive .

Modafinil has been widely used in universities in Britain and the United States after being sent to the market in 2002 for narcolepsy patients. But increasingly Modafinil has been used by students who want to improve their performance in examinations.

In a survey published in the medical journal Nature Journal Readers, said one in five of those polled said they had used Modafinil as so-called ‘brain doping’.

There are still few studies of how the product works in healthy people, but in a new assessment of the substance shows that Modafinil has many positive effects, including improved attention and learning ability, as well as a better memory and “fluid intelligence”, which is essential when you have to solve problems and think creatively.


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Be cautious

Although British scientists now validates the product, so there are still a number of issues to be aware of before ingestion. Netmediet has the following warnings

Before starting treatment, should be taken an ECG and during treatment should blood pressure and pulse checked.
The agent should be used with caution in previous abuse or if you have suffered from mental illnesses such as psychosis, depression or mania.
By changing the dose and otherwise regularly should be checked for emerging mental illness or worsening of existing diseases – including the presence of any. suicidal thoughts.
Should signs of a skin rash should consult your doctor and the treatment is stopped.


Evolutionary trade-offs and cognitive enhancement

Thomas Hills is an associate professor of psychology at Warwick University. Along with Ralph Hertwig from Basel University, he published recently a sensational article entitled ‘Why are not we already been wiser? Evolutionary trade-offs and cognitive enhancement. ”

Thomas Hills elaborates here a few conclusions from the scientific article:

– What made you embark on this project?

“We are seeing increasing interest in, what options are available to enhance the cognitive abilities chemically – maybe. be with Ritalin and Modafinil. Substances such as these are used in many different contexts, including in the military and in exam situations. The question now is: How can it be that we do not exploit our cognitive potential of much greater extent? In evolutionary theory, the typical answer to questions like ‘why the swimmer who fish not faster?’ Or ‘why can this bird does not see anymore’, be that it has been an evolutionary weighing the pros and cons. Therefore, it begs the question: What trade-offs exist in relation to cognition and intelligence? Then we wonder why we are not wiser, the evolutionary response be: The cost is too high. ”