How To Build Muscle Mass Fast (Best Way)

Are You Looking For The Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass Quickly?



How To Build Muscle Mass Fast? For men especially, it is important to increase muscle mass and thus build bigger muscles. When you want to build those huge biceps and triceps, it is important to have knowledge of how muscles are formed and what nutrients that are important for maintaining the newly gained muscle mass.


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The Illusion Lean Muscle Mass Has

Many people associate muscle mass with lots of strength training. Strength training is of course one way to build those bigger muscles whether it be;

  • Bigger Calves
  • Big Shoulders
  • Bigger Legs

However, a balanced diet is also a very important aspect since you want to make sure that your body gets the proper nutrients to grow. In this regard the protein and correct amount of amino acids are extremely important.

Therefore you will find that many, especially men, choose to supplement their hard training with protein powders, creatine and other supplements to achieve greater muscle mass faster than would otherwise have been possible. But the use of protein powders and other supplements are not a guarantee that you will build muscle faster.

Many believe that supplements are important others think it is a waste of their money since they get all the important nutrients through their diets. The good news for both parties is that by proper diet and a good exercise program they both can achieve surprising results even in a short period of time.

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It’s all about that you have the basics in place. This means that you know a lot about your body and know what nutrients your body needs to fully grow and recover.


Fat Intake Can Boost Your Testosterone & Make You Buff

One nutrient which is very important, is the fat. But fat has been so widely criticized that many people have been frightened and hardly dare have it in their diets. Many have also had the opinion that it is a totally unnecessary part of a healthy diet plan.



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But this hold no basis in reality. Fat is incredibly important and is part of many physiological and biochemical processes. Fat is included among others in our production of hormones and testosterone, but fat is also used, when forming new cells – our nerve cells for example.

Last but not least, it is important to have a sufficient content of fat in your daily diet to ensure the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. When speaking of fat, the focus is on the three fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9.

However, it is only Omega 3 which is specifically mentioned in supplements such as fish oil and so on. This is because we are basically covered with omega 6 and 9 through our normal daily diet. The reason why we do not get enough omega 3 fatty acids in our daily diet is that we are incredibly bad at eating enough fish. Good sources of omega 3 fatty acids include oily fish such as:

  • Salmon, Trout & Herring.

Once you have decided to set a goal of wanting to achieve a greater muscle mass and build muscle, there are some basic ground rules that you can build on when you want to plan the best and most optimal training for your body.
By focusing on basic exercises such as squats, bench press, etc. it’s possible to usHow-To-Build-Muscle-Mass-Faste much higher weights later on than if you just focus on one kind of exercises. The body is not built to work only one muscle group. The body is built for that muscle groups to work together in synergy.

To qualify to build muscle mass quickly, it is important that your body gets enough protein. It may sound strange, but every time you train you’re breaking down your muscle tissue. For the body to replenish muscle tissues, it is important that there is enough protein present in the body to heal the tissue and build it up stronger than before.


“It is recommended that you consume about 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per. kg body weight. (daily)”


Your Body Is A Survival Machine – Don’t Let It Adapt!

Many believe that as long as the body gets enough protein, you are set in relation to muscle building. But that’s not quite how things work. The body also needs enough calories. This is simply because, when the body needs to break down and build up new muscle tissue, it is extremely energy-intensive, so it is important that there is an excess of energy (ATP) to support the process.
Last but not least, it is also important that you remember to keep a variation and progression in the exercises and repetitions when you train. If you remember to vary its exercise and repetitions, then you have not only the opportunity to achieve a higher growth potential, but you also get the opportunity to achieve greater force development.

Remember that your body is a survival machine. This means that whatever you do when it comes to training, your body will adapt. That’s why we suggest that you run a certain program/diet for 4-6 weeks followed by one weeks rest and then continuing with a new program/diet to shock the body.


10 Tips For Bigger Biceps, Triceps, Calves, Shoulders, Back & Legs

Below you will find 8 tips to grow bigger muscles in the fastest way possible:

  1. Focus on the basic exercises / Heavy compounds

A good training program should be built around the major basic exercises. Exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts, bent over rows, etc., allows the use of much larger scales than small isolation exercises. The body is not built to function in isolation basis. It is built to the muscle groups working in synergy with each other.

That’s exactly how the muscles work in the major basic exercises. There is nothing wrong with supplementing with isolation exercises, but the core of your program should always be based around the heavy compounds.


    2. Keep your protein intake high

If you want to make sure that the most optimal conditions for muscle growth is present, then it is important that you get enough protein. Muscle tissue is made up of proteins, and every time you train you’re breaking down muscle tissue. For the body to rebuild muscle tissue and compensate for exercise stress it is important that there is enough protein present in your body.


   3. Make sure you are in a caloric surplus

Many believe that as long as they get enough protein, they are covered well enough in relation to muscle growth. Unfortunately, it’s just not quite enough. The processes that the body undergoes when building new muscle tissue, is extremely energy-intensive. So it is important that there is an excess of calories to support this process.


Calculate Your Caloric Intake Here


    4. Train with high volume

Scientific studies clearly show that muscle growth is stimulated best when your training volume is kept high. Now the “high” of course is a relative term, and high training volume is not something you just jump into. It’s something you build up to.

The fact is that an exercise with 3 chest exercises of 5 sets x 8 reps, stimulates more muscle protein degradation (and thus a more pronounced growth response) than, say, 2 sets x 8 reps in the bench press.


   5. Avoid forced reps

For many it may sound like a weird tip. It is after all human logic, that the harder you work for something, the greater the likelihood that you reap results for its work (The No Pain, No Gain Motto). However, it is a foolish motto, which instead should be called “no brain, no gain”.

Of course you have to train hard, but you also have to train smart. It’s fine to use forced reps sometimes but do yourself a favor by not using this technique too often.


   6. Variation in the number of repetitions

It’s a good idea to vary the number of repetitions in your workout. As such there is nothing wrong with if you always run reps by 8-10 reps, but it can be a clear advantage to occasionally run sets and reps slightly higher, and, in particular sets of lower reps. Your strength will increase faster if you’re running periods with low repetitions followed by periods with high repetitions.


   7. Training diary

It may sound silly, but it has great benefits if you keep track of your training. The human brain has to forget things, and the perception of time is sometimes very fluid. There may well go a year of training, where you actually only increased very slightly in strength, without you actually noticing it.

This is where your training diary comes into play. You can quickly pinpoint if you are in a period where you’re ‘slacking’ and can thereby make the necessary changes.

For a free online training diary visit Adddaero. Here you can also follow other training diaries and find inspiration.


    8. Slow eccentric & quick concentric phase

Research clearly shows that the eccentric phase of a lifting, is the phase which has the largest muscle growth potential. This is because muscle protein degradation in muscle tissue is far greater in the “eccentric-only” training than by “concentric-only” training.

It is therefore important that your don’t lower the bar too quickly when training for bigger muscles. The concentric phase, or the lifting phase, should always be done relatively quickly and explosively. This is because the neuromuscular activation is much better when you “push” through. It should not be an excuse for poor form though.


How to get big biceps, ripped & How To Build Muscle Mass Fast

Big Biceps and Triceps are a classic symbol of masculinity, and 9 out of 10 it is the primary reason why they start lifting weights in the first place. Here’s the recipe for how to get the best results when you exercise to get those big and juicy arms.

There is nothing better than putting on a tight T-shirt and show some well defined and big biceps. Biceps are probably also the muscle group that got the most attention when you started to train in the gym, right?

You certainly focused only on the fitness machines that gave larger upper arms and expected that a few months of training with these exercises would give you massive upper arms – Arnold-style baby!

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The road to the big biceps goes through basic exercises – not fitness machines

When you want to achieve big biceps, the biggest problem is that you’re probably focusing high volume meaning lots of biceps exercises and forget about the classic basic exercises such as the squat, rows and deadlift.

The classic basic exercises have the effect of stimulating the release of testosterone and growth hormone to a far greater extent than smaller, isolated exercises do. It is no secret that these hormones play an important role in the processes involved in muscle growth. Therefore, squats and other basic exercises will be a big part of getting those big biceps and triceps.


Most people overlook their triceps

So there is no reason to exclusively focus on the biceps muscles and making lots of isolated arm exercises. A few exercises are often enough!

The arms also have another important muscle group that most people overlook when they are training to get big biceps. The biceps constitutes only 1/3 of the upper arms, the remaining 2/3 consists of your triceps. Therefore it is very important that you have at least as much focus on the triceps as biceps, when you exercise your arms. By having well-trained and well-developed triceps muscles, your upper arms will automatically look bigger.


Training Tips for bigger arms

To get big arms you must, in addition to conventional basic exercises like squat, deadlift and bench press, include pull ups and triceps exercises in your workout routine. Additionally, it is a good idea to train your biceps with Preacher Curls.


Pull ups – The Godfather of a big back and biceps

Pull ups is a super exercise for the entire body. Basically you are raising your whole body while using your arms to pull.

The exercise can be done with overhand grip as well. You may want to use a pull-up belt to increase the weight.


Triceps Exercises

Triceps, as already mentioned constitutes 2/3 of the upper arm muscles. Therefore, you should focus extra on triceps, if you want to gain greater upper arms. Use the free weights rather than machines and low bench press with narrow grip in which the hands are placed at a shoulder width or use the popular Skull Crusher exercise to make them grow.


Include basic exercises in your training program

We have already touched on the importance of including basic exercises like squat, deadlift and bench press into your workout routine if you want larger upper arms, because these exercises really boost your testosterone levels. Make sure to get the basic exercises in each workout so you’re releasing as much natural testosterone as possible.


Protein, Carbs & Fat Intake – Build Your Own Diet Plan

In addition to the right exercises, you should also make sure that your muscles are getting the best position to grow. Eat your way to a slight calorie surplus, so your body does not lack nutrients.

You can get plenty of protein, carbohydrates and moderate in healthy fats through a healthy diet. A good rule of thumb is to consume about 0.7 to 1.2 grams of protein per. kilogram of body weight each day. 0.7 grams if you are female and 1.2 grams of protein if you are male.


Protein powder based on the whey has several advantages

The protein to consume is whey protein. Whey is a by-product from the production of dairy products. You can also get protein powder derived from rice, soy, hemp and peas.

Most, however, use protein powder based on whey. Partly because it tastes better, but also because it is a quick digestible form of protein. This allows the recovery to speed up. Another advantage is that the whey protein is often less expensive than the other types of proteins.

You should consume protein supplements three times a day: In the morning, after you have trained, and before you go to bed at night. The main protein supplement that you consume during the day, is what you take after your workout when your body really is drained of energy, and your muscles need energy to grow.

Besides it is a good idea to take a protein supplement while exercising, you also need to eat healthy. A diet of junk food and protein powder will hardly give you the desired results. Be sure to combine your supplements with protein-rich food such as:

  • Lean meats
  • Fish, nuts, beans and rice.

5 tips for big biceps & How To Build Muscle Mass Fast

Finally, let’s just summarize what you need to do to train your upper arms to make them grow to Arnold-size:

  1. Focus on the classic basic exercises: If you want big biceps the body will need plenty of testosterone. When training exercises like bench press, deadlift and especially squat, releases lots of testosterone, which also boosts muscle growth in your arms.
  2. Train triceps: triceps make up about 2/3 of the muscles on the upper arms. Therefore it is very important that you not only train the biceps if you want big biceps. Your arms will also look more symmetrical if both your triceps and biceps are well developed.
  3. Focus on free weights: Make sure that you use free weights when training your biceps and triceps. Use Preacher Curls & Skull Crusher as exercises.
  4. Recovery: It is important that you feel rested and your muscles have recovered before you start to train arms.
  5. Make sure to get enough protein: Your muscles do not grow if they do not have enough building blocks. Be sure to get enough protein, both through a healthy and balanced diet, but also by using protein powder. You can also choose to supplement your training with supplements such as Creatine



Tips For Shedding The Extra Pounds Safely

Losing weight can often be challenging to someone who is not accustomed to eating a certain way and doing regular exercise. It is necessary to find out all you can about losing weight so you can do it safely and successfully. Here are some great and effective ways to lose weight.

Staying motivated is key to losing weight. It sounds simple, but it is absolutely imperative. Make sure to set realistic goals for yourself. Try not to make workout regimens and diet plans that will be difficult to convince yourself to adhere to. You might lose weight slower than you would like, but it should be much easier to keep the weight off.

To assist with losing weight, make sure you keep healthy snacks around the house or office. This will remove the desire to eat unhealthy snacks such as chips or something out of the vending machine. Some good snacks to keep on hand are unsalted almonds, raw vegetables, and rice cakes.

A great way to lose weight is to listen to music when you are doing cardio. Doing cardio can be very monotonous and boring without anything to distract you. When you listen to music, you’ll stop checking the timer every few minutes, and you’ll be more likely to put more time in.


For All You Dog Lovers!

To assist you with losing weight you should get a high energy dog. This will give you the incentive to get out there and run or walk with it. Your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and to release energy that it might otherwise exert on your couch. It is a great way to get out, feel good about yourself and lose weight.

Feeling hungry causes us to eat. Eating causes us to gain weight. Feeling full reduces our feeling of hunger. So a way to lose weight is to full more often. One way you can “trick” your body into feeling full more often is by eating spicy foods that have more capsaicin in them, such as foods lightly spiced with cayenne or jalapeno pepper. No need to overdo it, just enough to burn a little will do fine.

If you know what you are doing, losing weight can be easier than you thought. Finding out about the exercise you need to do and the diet you need to eat will prove helpful if you stick to it. Use these tips to get you started and you’ll start to see results soon.


Weight Loss Goals As Individual As You Are

One can often find themselves wondering what they should do to follow through with that desire to lose some extra weight. The answer to that is learn the proper way to get rid of that unwanted poundage. Fortunately one is reading this so the needed information is only moments away from them.

Green tea is a great idea when losing weight. It’s shown to increase metabolism and boost energy levels. Simply consume a cup of green tea each morning prior to working out to enjoy the extra energy it imparts.

To easily lose weight, one should stop eating at fast-food type eateries. These type of food establishments often serve food that contains many things that do not go well with weight loss. Fats, salts, and sugars can all be found in fast food, and in sometimes in large quantities. By avoiding these places, one will lose weight and feel healthier.


Work Around Your Bad Habits

Work your way around bad weight gaining habits by adapting to new weight loss habits. Keeping your focus on making positive changes in your life is the most effective way to adjust to a new diet. Fresh produce, such as fruit or vegetables, makes a healthier meal alternative to a fast food breakfast. When you provide a replacement for donuts, you will not miss them as much!

A great tip that may help you lose weight is to ditch all of those breakfast cereals that contain way too much sugar, and eat oatmeal instead. Oatmeal is one of the best sources of carbohydrates around. The energy you get from eating oatmeal will practically fuel your whole day.

A great way to help you lose weight is to choose a day, once a week, where you eat whatever you want and don’t follow your diet. When you’ve been dieting for a while you might notice that you hit a plateau. By eating whatever you want once a week, you actually end up boosting your metabolism.

In order to avoid overeating at a restaurant, ask your server not to serve you bread or chips and salsa. If you are hungry, you will find it nearly impossible to resist if it is sitting in front of you. Chips are full of salt and the butter or fat in the bread or biscuits, will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

One should now be filled with a new sense of confidence and hope that they can succeed in losing the weight that they want. Is is possible to achieve the body type one desires with the proper dedication and knowledge. After reading this one should now have both those required tools to succeed.