Tarzan Workout Program & Diet – Alexander Skarsgard

Wonder What Tarzan’s Workout Looks Like?

Swedish Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Tarzan in the latest film, The Legend of Tarzan, which premiered in July, reveals the way to his super form.

39-year-old Alexander Skarsgard was in CONAN on TBS, where he talked about how he has gained his super form, as clearly seen in the last Tarzan movie, The Legend of Tarzan.


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Read more about Tarzan Workouts and his path to super shape below the video


The Tarzan Workout – Behind The Body

In the movie The Legend of Tarzan the 39-year-old Alexander Skarsgård displays an incredible 8 pack abs physique. Here you can get his recipe for a  super ripped physique that will make people turn heads.

Before he began the strict diet and exercise program he was very nervous if he could reach  the necessary results in a short period of time (He had never tried anything like this before.)

“I’ve obviously had a really, really good coach. I had him and the dietician. I’ve never tried anything like this before, so extreme and so intense. I was really nervous. It was a great challenge indeed and I didn’t know how my body would respond to exercise and diet, “ – says Alexander Skarsgård to E! News.

He kept a strict diet and workout plan for seven months – both up for filming and during the shootings.

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Tarzan Workout Phase  1 – The training program

He had to get up at 4:30 every morning to start his training. He did not see his family and friends for a long time, while the film shooting was going on.

Skarsgard says he wanted to build more muscle mass on his body, but didn’t want to become too ‘Buff’. It was important that he was still nimble and flexible so he could move through the jungle like an animal would.

In the first months Skarsgard performed four training sessions a week, where the focus was on strength. In the other days he focused on abdominal training. Cardio training was nonexistent in the first three months when he focused on adding as much muscle mass as possible.

Usually was doing 12-16 reps for the larger muscle groups, such as the back and legs while he was doing 9-12 reps for delts, biceps and triceps. But to get a stronger back, he did over 20 reps during a workout.

“We started with about 12 reps and then, after a few weeks, we started to add more weight.”

His trainer reveals that they trained hard, but kept the workout to an hour. He adds that they have never done two sessions in a day when building muscle mass (bulking phase).

“He trained six or seven days a week, and when we needed a day off, we took a day off. But when we took a day off, it was because he needed it for maximum recovery. He would rather work out daily though,” says his coach Magnus Lygdback.


Tarzan Workout Phase 2 – The Diet Plan

….Lots of calories in the bulk process!

The tight schedule also meant that Alexander Skarsgård would consume a high-calorie diet so he could increase his muscle mass.

“In the first three months we tried to bulk and I ate about 7,000 calories a day. He (coach Lygdback, red.) Gave me these Tupperware boxes with food with a cold steak or chicken and potatoes. I ate constantly and was full all the time. It was hard. I woke up in the middle of the night to get protein and some potatoes, ” – says Alexander Skarsgård

“It was crazy what I would eat in a day”

After the four months, Skarsgard had put on almost 12 kilos / 25 lbs. Now was the time to trim his body (Cutting phase).

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A Very Strict Diet Plan To Cut The Fat Off

Alexander Skarsgårds food orgies was over, and now he had to eat after a much strict diet plan, which was avoiding sugar, gluten, wheat and dairy products.

“When we went over to a strict diet it was very hard, because it’s hard to make the food interesting and tasty. Basically you get sick of it. I love food, wine and beer, but I do not really have a sweet tooth, so it was easy to cut the sugar “says Alexander Skarsgård, while Lygdback adds:

“We had five weeks of cutting, before we started filming. We trained 10 to 14 times a week, including morning cardio. ”


The Great Challenge

“Ten days before the film shoot Alexander Skarsgård would take his shirt off in front of people, since he started on the course. He was on a diet, so he was flat, pale and had no volume in the muscles. He was big, but not how we wanted he should look like. David Yates (the film’s director, ed.) was not happy, “says Lygdback.

Skarsgård learnt the hard way that when the body begins to rebel against the deprivation that comes when you cut down on the diet, it will try to keep as much water as it can (the body tries to survive – it literally thinks it’s dying).

“I was stressed out because we were not quite where we wanted to be. I ate what I should and trained twice a day, and my body held on the last bit of fat.”

The Solution To The Challenge

Lygdbacks solution was that Skarsgård had to eat more and exercise less. Skarsgard was baffled by this approach, but his coach assured that the explanation was that his body had been over-trained.

Skarsgårds stress hormones were too high, so they cut training volume in half, while Lygdback secretly got the chef to increase the carbohydrate and fat content of meals.

The addition of the extra calories, carbohydrates and fats should reassure Skargårds body. It had to reduce production of the stress hormone cortisol, so it was possible to burn body fat while getting rid of the excess water in the body.

The mission succeeded as the beautiful pictures and the film reveals an impressive result.


Tarzan Workout – How You Can Mimic The Above

So you’re looking to to mimic the Tarzan Workout? In that case you’d better follow the above principles:

  • Count Your Micros and Macro
  • Take no shortcuts, increase calorie consumption, stick to the plan until it is time to change it.
  • Let Your Body Adapt Then Change It

In relation to training, Skarsgard reveals how he maintained the motivation:

“I had an eye on the result. It was what motivated me on a daily basis. I was happy when I woke up. Every day, every workout, every meal was a springboard, and every one of them was important in the process. It was also the challenge that motivated. ‘Can I do it?’ and ‘How will my body react?’. I was really curious and very, very motivated. ”



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