Top 10 Best Prohormones That You Should Know About

Looking To Get Lean & Shredded Whilst Building Muscle Mass?


ALRi Pro Anabol


This prohormone may well be the premiere safe and truly effective pro-anabolic for both men and women. Pro-Anabol is the next “steroid replacement.” Pro-hormones of the past were so effective that looking for something as good or better has become a bit of an obsession.

What You Won’t Get with Pro-Anabol

  • HPTA shut-down
  • Masculinization of females
  • Aromatization to estrogen
  • Negative impact on cholesterol

What You Can Expect On ALRi Pro Anabol

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Burning fat
  • Fast recovery from your training sessions
  • Increased strength


Speed Recovery Time and Increase Muscle Mass!

Composed by ALR Industries, Pro-Anabol is the top professional anabolic for men and ladies! ALRI truly sets the standard with this one. Everybody is continually scanning for that next, enormous “genius hormone” substitution. Nonetheless, ALRI has not made that next, best master hormone substitution. Rather, not surprisingly, they have made something much superior to the standard, unremarkable supplement. They have made a supplemental magnum opus! By maintaining a strategic distance from that professional hormone classification of supplements ALRI guaranteed that they would sidestep the majority of the negative reactions that were very regular with those supplements.

A best aspect regarding ALRI is the way that they are not going to play with you. What you get is an in advance supplement with no logical jibber jabber that you won’t get it. They will just guarantee you things you can get it. You will get more quality, quicker recuperations, expanded bulk, and diminished fat stores. There are additionally a lot of things that you won’t get when you utilize Pro-Anabol. Men won’t need to manage HPTA close down and ladies won’t need to manage masculinization. Other negative impacts that you won’t need to manage incorporate aromatization to estrogen and negative consequences for cholesterol.

Expert Anabol is a tremendous hit with the ALRI supported competitors. Truth be told, each and every one of them utilized Pro-Anabol amid the seasons challenge prep. The reason they all utilized Pro-Anabol is a direct result of the fixings that are utilized to make the anabolic impact that is so fundamental in the athletic world. Different supplements incorporate ecdysterone and ecdysteroids. These fixings are known for their advantages, however they have a tendency to be gentle even in high dosages. They may have professional anabolic impacts and need androgenic symptoms, as well yet they likewise accompany assimilation and bioavailability issues that will conflict with your definitive objectives.


The cholesterol bit of the chain in ecdysteroids is the thing that hinders the likelihood for some positive androgen receptor incitement. It is additionally where you will see a higher strength and more transcriptional action. With regards to steroidal structure, so as to connect with the AR-receptors there should be a hydroxyl assemble in the 17 position of the compound. Think about the AR-receptor like a bolt. Like all locks you will require the correct key to open it. On the off chance that you utilize the wrong key you are not going to get the outcomes that you are seeking after. With regards to ecdysteroids, the entire range should be modified so that the receptor is at carbon 17, which works by including a hydroxyl assemble.

ALRI is currently ready to exhibit MDHR. This astonishing fixing is the main profoundly bioavailable strong subsidiary of the plant based fixing, ecdysteroid. The compound, Dihydrorubrosterone is a characteristic type of ecdysteroid that is missing from the cholesterol aggregate at position 17. Despite the fact that it is missing in position 17, there is a hydroxyl assemble at the 17 position. ALRI goes the additional mile by including 17-position methyl ether. This is done to build the intensity and the bioavailability. Not exclusively do you get the greater part of this bioavailability and strength you are additionally guaranteed none of the liver anxiety that you would have needed to manage in an expert hormone item. Rather you are offered a profoundly genius anabolic exacerbate that has an astounding oral bioavailability. Best of all, MDHR is an elite to ALRI so you won’t discover this pearl anyplace else!

The following overwhelming hitter comes as an intense, exclusive concentrate from the Maca plant, known as Lepidium Meyenii, which is called Macabol. This home grown ponder is being kept under tight wraps to guarantee that it remains genuinely one of a kind. Notwithstanding, you can be guaranteed that this fixing is exceptionally intense, a master anabolic, and has lipolytic properties. The vitality and recuperation is likewise appeared to be upgraded in for all intents and purposes all clients.


One of the other essential fixings passes by the name of Bio-kines. This exclusive bioactive ox-like serum is intended to advance cell development, avoid vitality and protein misfortune, improve supplement use, increment held nitrogen, and advance weight pick up. You will likewise encounter more vitality, less protein and amino corrosive catabolism, better protein maintenance, and more picks up in slender bulk. The Bio-kines serum is a concentrated concentrate of cow-like serum that is created to contain exceptionally adequate portions of immunoglobulins, development components, and other bioactive substances that will uplift the impacts for development and recuperation. This fixing is incorporated to give an emotionally supportive network to the essential genius anabolic parts, Macabol and MDHR, to guarantee greatest muscle building impacts.

At the point when tried on expert competitors the outcomes were astounding.Pro-Anabol has surpassed all desires.


M1d androm1d-andro

This prohormone; M1D Andro is the evolution of the popular Methyl 1-D.

M1D Andro is backed by studies, the combination of 5-DHEA along with aromatase inhibitors may be the best combination of testosterone boosting prohormones on the market in 2016.

Back in the days methyl 1 etiocholenolol epietiocholanolone was the active ingredient in M1D Andro along with

The dirty rundown of the popular ingredients in M1D Andro

M1D Andro™ is the development of the famous Methyl 1-D item from Legal Gear. Upheld by studies, the mix of 5-DHEA alongside aromatase inhibitors might be the best blend of testosterone boosting prohormones.

5-DHEA (3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one) the universes smash hit and most all around contemplated prohormone item that believers to androgens and at last testosterone.

3,5-dien-7,17-dione speaks to a remarkable aromatase inhibitor that has been appeared in preparatory reviews to piece both transformation of testosterone to estrogen additionally squares estrogen at the receptor.

Forskolin is a characteristic plant fixing that reviews show may build the action of 3bHSD (the protein that transforms 5-DHEA into ANDRO) and may help accelerate various androgen responses in the body.

Resveratrol is a characteristic estrogen blocker that additionally has been appeared to build testosterone accessibility.

The blend of these fixings will give you the most exceptional item available for boosting normal testosterone levels.


These items are not anabolic steroids and all cases are hypotheses. LG Sciences’ items will just help you in achieving your wellness objectives. Muscle and weight pick up are the consequence of hard exercise and legitimate eating routine, supplements are not a substitution.



IronMagLabs 1-Andro

IronMagLabs Super 1-Andro Rx 60 Caps


IrongMagLabs 1-Andro Rx is a non-methylated prohormone that backings increments in slender bulk and quality. 1-Andro is an uncommon prohormone in that is believers to 1-Testosterone, which is 7x more anabolic than testosterone. Reactions are dependably a worry when taking prohormones, yet 1-Andro Rx does not change over to estrogen or DHT, so you won’t need to stress over bloating.

IronMagLabs is a chief supplement organization that represents considerable authority in prohormones and bolster items. 1-Andro Rx bolsters clients put on slender bulk, significantly increment quality and control, and can help you understand that tore search you are searching for. In spite of the fact that you will make amazing increases in only 1-2 cycles, the magnificence of this item is you won’t experience the extreme symptoms that occasionally occur with all the more effective items. The way that 1-Andro Rx is non-methylated is truly an extraordinary thing for learners or wellbeing cognizant indvidiauls.

Most Popular Stack: The 1-4 Dual Andro Stack

Who Should Take 1-Andro?

  • Those Looking to Put on Lean Mass (Create Your Own Lean Mass Stack)
  • Those Looking to Get Cut or Ripped (Create Your Own Cutting Stack)
  • Those Looking to Increase Power and Strength

1-Andro Mass Stack: This is a total stack for those needing to pick up the most fit bulk in 4 two months conceivable. It can likewise help with a cutting cycle, depending your eating routine.


IronMagLabs 1-Andro Rx 60 Caps Benefits

  • Non-Methylated
  • Increment general lean mass
  • Increment quality levels
  • Increment control yield
  • Can be utilized to cut and get tore
  • Does not change over to estrogen
  • Does not change over to DHT
  • No bloating


1-Andro / 1-Androsterone / 1-DHEA

You’ve likely heard your folks or grandparents utilize the expression “back in my day” concerning something that they feel objectified to be predominant when they were growing up. The same can be valid for weight lifters.

Back in my day, preceding the boycott in 2005, we had an assortment of awesome prohormones and architect steroids available that were accessible available to be purchased legitimately. They were either found in nature and along these lines legitimate under DSHEA, or there were escape clauses in the law taking into consideration their lawful deal.

Be that as it may, circumstances are different, and accordingly, the industry has changed too…


1-Andro is a legitimate prohormone (or all the more particularly, a preprohormone) that gets changed over to the dynamic steroid 1-Testosterone

1-Andro is otherwise called 1-DHEA and 1-Androsterone, terms we utilize conversely in this record. Try not to mistake them for the compound 1-Testosterone, which is the thing that this believers to.

Human research has demonstrated genuine steroid-like additions: scientists noticed that it’s as powerful as a week after week cycle of 300mg injectable testosterone enanthate!

Dose and the suggested 1-Andro item relies on upon authoritative and conveyance frameworks, and additionally client encounter:

The steroid-like increases were found with day by day measurements of 330mg 1-Andro consolidated with 150mg 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin (grapefruit extricate) — precisely what’s given in a day’s dosage of Hi-Tech Pharma’s “1-Testosterone” item.

First-time 1-Andro clients are insightful to utilize bring down measurements. Hello there Tech Pharmaceuticals “1-AD” contains 75mg 1-Andro Decanoate (ester-bound), yielding 47mg 1-Andro, which novices ought to take twice every day.

However more is not generally better. The body can just change over so much 1-DHEA into the parent hormone. Considerably higher dosages could mean you’re simply discarding cash and expanding the dangers of negative reactions.

A medicine review post cycle treatment (PCT) is required. Estrogen can possibly be raised, and characteristic testosterone creation will decay.

Along these lines, you should see your endocrinologist before beginning any cycle, and don’t utilize any prohormone without a specialist’s assent!

Our base suggested age is 23 years of age, in spite of the fact that the “official” prescribed age is 21+.

Reactions are steady with steroid utilize: expanded liver, kidney, and cardiovascular anxiety, despite the fact that they are impermanent and come back to pattern after end. Clients are still exceptionally urged to take a cycle bolster supplement to battle these sides.

Because of its forceful nature, we don’t suggest 1-Andro as your first ever prohormone – more experience is required.

Less demanding options are 1,4DHEA given by Hi-Tech’s Equibolin. Future articles will detail this prohormone.

What Are Epi Cat / Epicatechins?

Unadulterated epicatechin is an unscented white powder. Epcatechin is a flavonol having a place with the gathering of flavonoids.

Epicatechin is available in many plants. High amounts can be found in cocoa, tea and grapes.

Medical advantages of Epicatechin

Epicatechin is a solid cell reinforcement, has insulin emulate activity and enhances heart wellbeing. Dr. Norman Hollenberg of Harvard Medical School found that Kuna indians, who live on the San Blas Island Chain in Panama and drink high amounts of cocoa beverages, have a lower danger of stroke, heart disappointment, tumor and diabetes compored to the Indians living on the territory. Dr. Norman Hollenberg even proposes to consider epicatechin as a vitamin.

Constriction of diabetes

Contemplates demonstrate that epicatechin and different flavonoids apply a defensive part on osmotic delicacy of cells, like that of insulin. The system of activity of epicatechin is distinctive to that of insulin and stays theoretical. In diabetic red platelets epicatechin causes an expansion in acetylcholinesterase movement. This action is fundamentally lower in sort 2 diabetic patients.

Heart wellbeing

Epicatechin decreases lipid peroxidation and represses platelet accumulation. Epicatechin cause vein widening by controlling nitric oxide, a particle discharged by the vein endothelium to flag encompassing muscle to unwind.

Examine Reviews

Dietary Polyphenols and Health: Proceedings of the 1ste International Conference on Polyphenols and Health

Equivalent words

(2R,3R)- 2-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl) – 3,4-dihydro-1(2H) – benzopyran-3,5,7-triol; cis-3,3′,4′,5,7-Pentahydroxyflavane; Epicatechol; epi-Catechin;epi-Catechol;

4-Androsterone (3b-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-one)

Present day Prohormones

Prohormones have dependably been encompassed with contention since Mark McGwire outed “andro” in his locker space to conceal for his unlawful steroid utilize. From that point forward “andro” prohormones have been restricted, disparaged and shamefully called risky.

The Dangers of Prohormones

Present day prohormones can fall into two classifications. To begin with, there are lawful, prohormones that are normal and safe. These are the main kind that are lawfully permitted to be sold in the US. The second kind are unlawful, synthetically modified prohormones. These are illicit and risky.

Normal hormones like testosterone are observed to be useful for men more than 21. These normal hormones are lawful to offer in the U.S. since they are found in nature and are a piece of your body and furthermore some portion of the nourishments you eat each day.

Unlawful synthetically modified prohormones that show up available and after that get restricted are not found in nourishment or in the body, subsequently they are illicit to offer. Tragically, these unlawful prohormones frequently advance into the market and are passed off as lawful. It’s likewise these illicit prohormones that cause the monstrous reactions that are ascribed to andro. Unlawful prohormones have frightful symptoms like liver harm, kidney harm, cardiovascular harm and furthermore difficult muscle spasms.

How To Spot An Illegal Prohormone?

Normally, you can detect an illicit, artificially changed prohormone in light of the fact that they contain a specific gathering in the fixing name. This is regularly a “17aMethyl” some place in the name. On the off chance that you see this in your prohormone item, then it will be in all likelihood an illicit item that will bring about liver anxiety and other wellbeing perils.

The Most Popular Legal Prohormones On The Market

3b-Hydroxy-androst-1-ene-17-one – 1-Androsterone– this prohormone to the dynamic steroid 1-Testosterone, is a lean building operator that will put mass on a person.

3b-Hydroxy-androstane-17-one – epiandrosterone – this prohormone to DHT will build animosity, help cut muscle to fat quotients and give enormous increments in quality.

3b-Hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one – DHEA – this is the first prohormone for men. At the point when consolidated with an against estrogen, this one can change over into testosterone and other male androgens.

17beta-1-ketoethyl-androstane-3-one-17a-ol – 5aOHP – this is both a dynamic and a prohormone that many individuals contrast with winstrol in impacts. That implies it is profoundly anabolic with no bloat and cuts you up. This prohormone conveys no animosity impacts.

3b-Hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-one – 4-androsterone – this prohormone to testosterone is better for size and will help facilitate the impacts of both of the two above. Individuals regularly bring 4-androsterone with a hostile to estrogen to help it to change over into testosterone.

These are probably the most famous legitimate prohormones available and none of them will bring about liver harm or other unpleasant symptoms.

Post Cycle Therapy

At the point when on prohormones for a broadened timeframe (up to 12 weeks) you ought to consider taking a testosterone boosting specialist. Testicular shutdown happens when your body offers your balls a reprieve since it detects enough androgens in your framework. This shutdown may really be beneficial for you. The gonads will recuperate all alone, yet to speed recuperation you can take a testosterone promoter and hostile to estrogen.

Appropriate Diet and Exercise

Ensure that you understand, no item will take every necessary step for you. You should eat a great deal of protein and furthermore exercise hard to get any positive outcomes for hormonal items. Try not to wrongly think that the item will take every necessary step! Glad lifting and appreciate the advantages of your prohormone cycle!


Andromass / AndroHard

What is the Primoridal Performance Androhard and Androlean Stack?

* 1 Bottle Primoridal Performacen Androhard

*1 Bottle Primoridal Performacen AndroMass

What is Androhard?

AndroHard: Super-R-DHEA, Delivered by Premium Liqua-Vade HTC Technology!

Man Machine. Hard abs, hard trunk, hard 100% – Now conveyed in a softgel. AndroHard will change you. For a long time androsterone was viewed as the essential male hormone until testosterone was found from concentrated testicular concentrates numerous years after the fact.

Despite the fact that testosterone ended up being a more strong mass building operator, androsterone demonstrated moderately intense androgenic and anabolic properties as it was a lone 2 stages far from the most effective actually happening androgen in the human body – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As weight lifters have long referred to, solid androgens, for example, DHT create a “dry” and “hard” appearance by drawing water from under the skin and into the muscle tissue – in this manner upgrading vascularity.

Oral DHT. AndroHard conveys the androgenic energy of 191mg/week of injectable DHT. AndroHard strengthens masculine hardness by hindering the fat putting away and water putting away properties of estrogen. Some portion of the component is by androgenic obstruction with the estrogen receptor (ER) and bringing down circling estrogen levels by intensely hindering the aromatase protein.

Ensured Absorption. No needles, no creams, no liver anxiety – yet we are accomplishing the most astounding bioavailability of any oral steroid accessible on the planet. The Birth of AndroSeries.

AndroHard is Ultra Powerful:

Without high androgen levels it is for all intents and purposes difficult to shape a hard manly body. Low androgen levels prompt high muscle to fat ratio ratios, gyno (bitch tits) and sexual barrenness. (1-4)

The most grounded actually happening androgen is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Just AndroHard contains Super-R-DHEA (androsterone enanthate) – a very bio-accessible, 5a-lessened metabolite of DHEA – which skyrockets DHT levels inside 3hrs of dosing. (5)

DHT is in charge of strengthening male qualities, for example, solid muscles, solid sex drive and a solid erection. It additionally squares estrogenic impacts, for example, muscle to fat quotients stockpiling, bosom development and water maintenance.

AndroHard Active Ingredient:

Super-R-DHEA: Easily changes over to androstanediol and DHT at abnormal states. (6-9) These androgenic hormones have zero estrogen change and deliver thick muscle tissue. (dry additions)

Masteron and Primobolan are injectable steroids that are ordinarily utilized for quality fit muscle and solidifying impacts. The standard measurement for these mixes is 450-500mg/week. AndroHard is the main item that has been ascertained to have identical general impacts of 457mg/week of Masteron or Primobolan. (10,11)

At the end of the day, AndroHard will kick up your aggregate DHT activity* by right around 22x over typical levels (11) – to place you in the ideal androgenic zone for harder and more characterized muscles – with a seething creature sex-drive.

High Absorption:

Up to 85% assimilation is accomplished by conveying the steroid hormones in an oil based transport framework known as Liqua-Vade HTC.

This innovation drives the hormones into the lymphatic framework, keeps away from the liver, and soaks the blood with abnormal amounts of hormones for a capable anabolic impact. (12,13)

Safe and Non-Toxic:

The Super-DHEA hormones are normally happening in the human body and non-dangerous. See the examination amongst AndroHard and other methylated steroid hormones.

To find out about how to securely cycle AndroHard, please visit the item page or “The Official AndroHard Thread” to perceive what different clients are stating.

Outrageous Results:

AndroHard will significantly fix and solidify the body for a more vascular, etched appearance.

The outcomes from AndroHard are emotional and observable when supplemented with exceptional preparing and a high protein slim down.

AndroHard will deliver observable impacts rapidly.

Impacts following 1-2 weeks:

  • Enhanced vascularity
  • Frequent hard erections
  • Intensified solid quality
  • And after that following 3-4 weeks:
  • 4-6lb lean mass increment
  • Increased muscle definition
  • 20-30% expansion in quality

Adaptable Stacking

AndroHard is a non-methylated item with zero estrogen change making it a flawless “androgen base”. AndroHard additionally works as a hostile to estrogen and stacks well with estrogenic mixes to help cement and solidify the strong increases.

AndroHard Directions:

As a dietary supplement take 1-3 softgels after rising and 1-3 softgels 6 after 8 hours. Bring with or without suppers. Try not to utilize this item longer than a month and a half without taking a month and a half off between each cycle. 6 week off-time must bar every steroidal item. This item might be stacked with different AndroSeries items. The most extreme prescribed dosage might be utilized with each of the AndroSeries items, or diminished by objectives.

AndroHard Warnings and Side Effects:

This item is not suggested for ladies, the elderly, anybody less than 21 years old or anybody determined to have a genuine wellbeing condition including however not restricted to malignancy, BPH, epilepsy, despondency, diabetes, cardiovascular sickness or hypertension. Transitory symptoms of this item may incorporate slick skin, male pattern baldness, lessened richness, and bringing down of HDL (great) cholesterol. Each softgel of this item contains the proportional medication cooperation impact of ~16 fl. oz. (480mL) of grapefruit juice which can drastically expand ingestion of certain doctor prescribed medications bringing about extreme symptoms from overdose.

A solitary dosage of this item may impact the retention of medications for up to 24 hours. Dosing of recommended drug may should be balanced if utilized simultaneously with this item. Counsel your doctor before utilizing this item with any physician endorsed drug. Utilizing this item may bring about a positive test for steroids in associations testing for execution upgrading mixes. This incorporates, however is not restricted to, NCAA, WADA, and different government organizations. This does exclude run of the mill pre-business medicate screening.

What is AndroMass?

Without adequate anabolic hormones you will never develop.

Just AndroMass contains Super-1-DHEA and Super-4-DHEA – exceptionally bio-accessible hormones that are 10x more anabolic than consistent DHEA. (1,2)

AndroMass dynamic fixings –

Super-1-DHEA – Easily changes over to 1-Androstenediol at abnormal states. This anabolic hormone has zero estrogen change and delivers clean without bloat mass increases. (dry increases) (3,4)

Super-4-DHEA – Easily changes over to 4-Androstenediol at abnormal states. This hormone has gentle estrogen change, supporting emotional size increases with negligible bloat. (wet additions) (5,6)

The blend of these two hormones produces fast development with insignificant reactions. (while being the untouched most prominent lawful steroid heap ever)

The most broadly utilized measurements of injectable testosterone for expanding bulk with insignificant symptoms is 400-500mg/week. (7) AndroMass is the main item to incorporate a definitely figured dosage of Super-1-DHEA and Super-4-DHEA to coordinate the muscle building energy of 428mg/week of injectable testosterone (8).

At the end of the day, AndroMass expands serum androgen action about 3x over the high characteristic cutoff and well past the limit for new skeletal muscle development. (8, 10)

High Absorption

Up to 85% retention is accomplished by conveying the steroid hormones in an oil based transport framework known as Liqua-Vade HTC.

This innovation drives the hormones into the lymphatic framework, maintains a strategic distance from the liver, and immerses the blood with elevated amounts of hormones for a capable anabolic impact. (9,10)

Safe and Non-Toxic

The Super-DHEA hormones are normally happening in the human body and non-dangerous. See the examination amongst AndroMass and other methylated steroid hormones.

Ensured Results

The outcomes from AndroMass are sensational and perceptible when supplemented with hard work and a high protein count calories.

AndroMass will deliver recognizable impacts rapidly.

  • Impacts following 1-2 weeks
  • Additional lifting force
  • Expanded long for sustenance
  • Improved muscle completion and snugness
  • And afterward following 3-4 weeks
  • 8-12lb bodyweight increment
  • Expanded muscle size and size
  • 20-30% expansion in quality

Andromass Cycle/Andromass and Androhard Cycle

AndroMass is a non-methylated item with adjusted estrogen change making it immaculate as a strong “testosterone base” for all intents and purposes any Andromass cycle – This implies AndroMass can be stacked with any anabolic steroid or star hormone relying upon coveted additions. This demonstrates to you proper methodologies to do an Andromass PCT also. We prescribe PCT Maxx for your Andromass PCT.

Andromass Side Effects and Warnings

This item is not suggested for ladies, the elderly, anybody less than 21 years old or anybody determined to have a genuine wellbeing condition including yet not constrained to malignancy, BPH, epilepsy, gloom, diabetes, cardiovascular ailment or hypertension. Impermanent symptoms of this item may incorporate weight increase, slick skin, male pattern baldness, lessened fruitfulness, and bringing down of HDL (great) cholesterol.

Cautioning – Drug Interaction: Each softgel of this item contains the proportionate medication association impact of ~16 fl. oz. (480mL) of grapefruit juice which can significantly build retention of certain physician recommended drugs bringing about extreme symptoms from overdose. A solitary measurement of this item may impact the assimilation of medications for up to 24 hours. Dosing of recommended solution may should be balanced if utilized simultaneously with this item. Counsel your doctor before utilizing this item with any physician endorsed prescription.

Cautioning – Contains Steroids: Using this item may bring about a positive test for steroids in associations testing for execution improving mixes. This incorporates, yet is not limite

dmz 2.0

Blackstone Labs Super-DMZ Rx 2.0 60 Caps

Blackstone Labs Super-DMZ Rx 2.0 is a superior prohormone that contains propelled fixings that advance expanded solid quality and size. Super DMZ improves physical execution prompting an expert build because of two primary fixings Methystenbolone and Dymethazine. These are two of the most intense lawful mixes accessible available today without exception. Try not to confound other Methylstenbolone~Dymethazine thump offs (clones) with IronMagLabs Super-DMZ Rx 2.0, they don’t contain similar mixes! Super-DMZ Rx 2.0 will build fit bulk and quality at a level that is similar to well known anabolic steroids, for example, Dianabol and Anadrol, the main contrast is it’s 100% legitimate!

Super DMZ Highlights:

Including incredible anabolic and myotropic impacts, Dimethazine was contrasted with Methyltestosterone, Oxymethalone, Androstanazole and Testosterone Propionate in their protein-anabolic action. Dymethazine was appeared to have the HIGHEST myotropic (muscle building) impacts out of any of the beforehand named steroids (Methyl-Test, Anadrol, Winstrol, and Testosterone Propionate)! Moreover, it additionally showed a capacity to prompt a higher rate of Nitrogen maintenance than Methyl-Test.


  • Expands Lean Muscle Mass
  • Builds Strength and Power
  • Assists with Cutting and Getting Lean
  • Bearings on How to Cycle

Take one (1) to two (2) cases in isolated measurements every day, with nourishment. Use in cycles of 4 weeks just and take no less than two months off in the middle of cycles. Very prescribe that you take a cycle bolster item amid your cycle.

PCT/Post Cycle Therapy

PCT (Post Cycle Support) is very prescribed (and essential) in the wake of utilizing this item. We could prescribe including a PCT item after your cycle.

Taurine For Back Pumps

A few people involvement back pumps when taking prohormones. In the event that you need to prevent back pumps from happening, we prescribe taking Taurine. Take up to 3 grams 3 times each day. Allmax Nutrition Taurine is suggested as is just $9.99.


Serving Size: 1 container

Servings per Container: 60

2,17a-dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-3-one 10mg (Methylstenbolone)

17b-hydroxy 2a,17b-dimethyl 5a-androstan 3-one azine 10mg (Dymethazine)

*Percent Daily Value not set up

Different Ingredients: Rice Flour, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silica.


With regards to Super-DMZ Rx 2.0, not exclusively does it give prevalent development potential and equal or outperform the best quality manufacturers available (lawful or something else), however it does as such while making you drier, harder, denser, and more vascular in the meantime. What’s more, it is more averse to bring about slick skin, skin break out, male pattern baldness, or other androgenic reactions when contrasting it with steroids of comparable strength.


Try not to surpass the prescribed measurements or span

Try not to take on the off chance that you are under 21 years old

Try not to utilize if pregnant or nursing

Try not to utilize on the off chance that you are at danger of, or being dealt with for diabetes, liver issues or hypertension

Cobra 6p

Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P 60 Caps

A Fat Burner That Actually Works!

We pride ourselves at Blackstone Labs to make equations and supplements that we will really utilize ourselves, so that when we do offer them for sale to the public the items like Cobra 6p offer themselves since they work. We hit the innovative work hard on Cobra 6p, by consolidating fixings that are indicating guarantee in progressing research thinks about. Fixings like 6 Paradol, Capsaican, and 3,3 diiodothyronine the sum total of what which have been reported to build digestion and fat consuming.

Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Extreme Powder is additionally accessible

Blackstone Labs Cobra 6P Extreme Pills is additionally accessible


Hoping to consume considerably more fat? Include the new Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse non-stimulant fat killer. Both Cobra 6P and Trojan Horse can be taken together!


What sort of results would it be advisable for you to anticipate from Cobra 6P?

  • Solid Fat Burning Effects
  • Expanded Energy
  • Mental Enhancement
  • Help Metabolism
  • Diminish Appetite