Modafinil: Here’s Why Everyone is Using It – My Personal Experience


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Do you feel consistently unfulfilled by life, work and relationship?

  • Do you aspire to do things that you believe you could never accomplish?
  • Do you wish you could tap into all of your own unrealized potential?

…. These are just some of the claims that people on Modafinil swear by



You’re probably binge reading about Modafinil and how it can help you lose weight. Or maybe you want to try it out to enhance your brain so you can be a better and more productive person at work or in school? First off let me tell you that I’ve tried various Nootropic supplements including Modafinil (Provigil)

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If you continue reading I will share my personal experience with Modafinil with you as well as providing you with a direct link to the website where I bought my first package of Modafinil as well as where you can claim a free bottle of Intelligent Brain.

… Enjoy!

A Popular Smart Drug

What if there were a pill that could make you see things more clearly, focus better and thus be more effective in your everyday life? Most of us have seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper in the lead role, which goes from being a depressedmodafinil writer with chronic writer’s block to a machine, who writes books in four days, learn several new languages in a few weeks and manages the stock market using advanced pattern recognition. Beautiful women stand in line and recognized business men want to hire him. In short, The Lim
itless Pill – with the formal and otherwise fictitious name known as NZT-48 – gives Eddie Morra a new and significantly better life

The idea of a pill like NZT began since 2011, when the film was released, created a mainstream interest among the general public who sent the demand for smart drugs to the sky. The problem is that there really is no smart drugs that have the same effect as in the film (sorry to burst your bubble) so why is it popular amongst students and bodybuilders?

….Let’s take a closer look!

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What is it?

Maybe you have already heard about Modafinil. Maybe not. Modafinil has been created as a medical tool for people who suffer from narcolepsy. Do you suffer from narcolepsy, or do you have trouble staying awake? Then Modafinil might be something that you want to try out.

Not sure what narcolepsy is? Then let me introduce you to The Man, The Myth, The Legend:

As you can figure out Modafinil has an invigorating effect, which ensures that people who struggle with narcolepsy can have a fairly normal and functional life. But what happens if you do not suffer from narcolepsy and take Modafinil?

The result of experimenting with Modafinil when you do not suffer from narcolepsy can have a wide range of benefits though where the fundamental conclusion is that you simply become a better and optimized version of your old self; stronger cognitive abilities, increased focus, increased motivation, better mood and a much higher level of brain-power-modafinilproductivity.

This has also resulted in a widespread interest and growing popularity that has long since spread to the general population. Modafinil is not an unknown agent on the international circuit. In the United States it is said that over 20% of students have at least experimented with Modafinil. So we can safely assume that a large number of students use Modafinil continuously as a tool to score a high GPA.

Thus, it is not wrong to call Modafinil for a mainstream drug. In fact it has been around since the late 1970s, so we have a significant history of working with and thus can immediately eliminate debilitating side effects in the long run. The only common side effect is headache, which, incidentally, is relatively rare.

On paper Modafinil is too good to be true. And I always say that when something is too good to be true, then it probably is. I don’t believe that there is such thing as free lunch!


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My Natural Skepticism & Experience

I consider myself a reasonable and logical person. Therefore, I was not quick to purchase Modafinil when I first found it online. I had my doubts.

The first time I became aware of Modafinil was in connection with an article I read on Bulletproof where Dave Asprey, who is the man behind the site and an otherwise well known and popular podcast, explains how this smart drug is able to make us become better performers.

What Dave Asprey has become known for, is his knowledge and experiences (that he openly shares) with Modafinil. Also he is a natural biohacker – he experiments with how the body and brain can be hacked to work better. The experience he gained through years of tests and experiments on his own body, but of course always based on scientific facts is just amazing. Although, Dave Asprey used Modafinil for more than 9 years and still stands behind its daily consumption of the magic pill I still have my doubts about the drug – when you play around with your brain chemistry for that long I think the bill has to be paid someday!

In this short reportage Dave Asprey talks about how Modafinil has made his life better. At the same time you can also find out about Modafinil in terms of who is using it. In the video they call it Provigil, but it is exactly the same as Modafinil just another brand:



Based on Dave Asprey’s personal experience, I began researching Modafinil other places online to get a more diversified perspective. The result was numerous articles on various immediate reliable sites that I do not even consider necessary to link to (trust me on this!). The thing is that there is no scientific articles concerning Modafinil, which talks about the potential risks either physically or psychologically. The only conclusion neurologists and other experts in the field have reached is that we do not know what the effect is of prolonged use.

It’s scary to risk long-term adverse effects as a result of Modafinil, but like most things in life, you take a calculated risk. That’s the conclusion I reached and got me to buy a portion pills. The truth is that we take risks daily. We have no idea whether there are negative consequences associated with wi-fi, bluetooth and similar rays, which we expose ourselves to every day. And what about the food we eat? New products with new ingredients, we do not really know.

We can also take hold of alcohol and cigarettes, which have a documented adverse effect on humans. Yet most of us drink alcohol every weekend. Life is one big risk. Whether you want to take the risk of potential long-term brain damage is up to you.


Why Even Experiment With Modafinil?

Because it is interesting to test the brain. To challenge it and see what the effect is. This does not mean that I throw myself into anything because “it could be interesting.” Before I throw myself into Modafinil and indeed all other pills (not that I test all kinds of stuff), I do my homework. I read everything there is to read and study even the medical content of the pill. Anything else would be idiotic.


After two months of use

There is no doubt that Modafinil has a good reputation with numerous supportive articles and videos that generally draw an objective picture of people’s experiences and science behind. But what is my personal experience with Modafinil? Have Modafinil really acted as a steroids for the brain? Once again I would like to just clarify that I am very critical and by nature skeptical of everything Modafinil stands for. Therefore, I do not intend to draw a picture of Modafinil, which is not true. I want to be completely objective.


The first time I tried it

Around January 2016 I received my first order. Wrapped in bubble wrap in an envelope I received my pills. I was excited. I had been waiting for about three weeks, which is the expected delivery time. When I first received the pills during the day, I had to wait until the next morning to take it because Modafinil has a stimulating effect and it is almost impossible to fall asleep as usual if the pill is swallowed by night time. The half-life is also 15 hours:

(The pills come in Modalert 200 packages)

I Start With A Half

Approximately 7 am the alarm will ring. In my bed, I have a bottle of water below and a pill ready. It is now happening. My Modafinil-virginity is about to be taken. A standard Modafinil pill is 200 mg and can be divided into two. The first time you plunge into Modafinil, it’s a fine idea to see the effect of a half dose, which is plenty for many people.


Already after 15 minutes the effect is to be felt 
Since Im always groggy and tired in the morning, I took a half pill and no more than 15 minutes after I began to feel something.

It was a strange feeling, but in a good way. I could not quite figure out how and why. Most things you try for the first time, works always stronger. We all know that, but Modafinil was by no means overwhelming, but rather “subtle”, which is one of the great benefits of Modafinil. It was in no way a feeling of euphoria, but a perfect combination of calmness and focus.


A pop-up blocker that removes all distractions 
How it felt. All the easy distractions such as Facebook, various tabloid newspapers, notifications on the mobile and so on were vanished. It was as if my brain just focused on what had value. For my part it was writing a hell of a lot of articles. An incredible desire to produce, had hit me like lightning from a clear blue sky.


I take the rest of the pill 
Although the effect was obvious and I was already pounding away on the keyboard, I could not help but take the second half. I wanted to experience the full effect. And by adding another half pill the effect was complete. It was overwhelming in a liberating way. It felt a little like I was cured of laziness.


People call it tunnel vision 

It was all about work and serious tasks. It was the only thing I had in my head and also at a level where I was directly annoyed when people sent messages over facebook. Of course I had no distracting windows open on my computer. However, I had to put my iPhone in flight mode. From here it was 100% tunnel vision.


No unrest or uncontrolled thoughts 
One of my biggest problems is that I find it difficult to stay focused on one thing at a time. I can easily work relatively effectively, but I have the habit of switching among tasks. I can sit and write an article and suddenly think of an e-mail to be answered.

So I hop over to write it, but gets distracted by a sudden idea for a new article in which I begin with a keyword analysis. And so I can run around in it. It is enormously destructive, since I do not immerse myself in one thing at a time. With Modafinil, I have zero problems by sticking to one task.


I do not feel particularly sharper, but 
To have peace and control over your thoughts while the body is filled with motivation, makes things more manageable it makes it easier to “connect the dots”.


9 hours later 
From just over 7:30 until 17:00, I worked as a machine. I did not really have any breaks, but resolved instead task after task. I had written four reasonably long articles and done a hell of a lot of practical work. In short, it had been a very satisfying day.

But I was not finished. I was still running on a tank that felt full. I train in the gym to get some fresh air and move the body. It was also the first time since mid-December that I had been working out but everything went as it should – I killed my workout!


I still have not had anything to eat
After 12 hours I had still not had anything to eat. I simply was not hungry. This side effect, as some would have it, is Modafinil known to have, why the pill largely associated with weight loss. Of course it is not healthy not to eat anything so I forced myself to eat a (healthy) meal.

2 hours later and I went to bed!




What effect did it have on me?

In the context of scientific research, it has been found that Modafinil has other effects than increasing the motivation and productivity. Modafinil is proved to be an effective treatment for ADHD and in general mental disorders such as depersonalization, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, addictions, depression and as previously mentioned weight loss.

The reason for Modafinil has been proven effective in the treatment of conditions mentioned,  is due to the pellet strength property to human cognition. Modafinil helps simply to create connections in the brain that increases awareness and the ability to solve problems rationally.

I feel that Modafinil has had a positive effect on my own cognition. In relation to the ambitions I have, it is clearly for me what to focus on. And here Modafinil helped me. I have become much better at saying no to things that do not have some level of constructive content.

Also I did not experience the popular Modafinil headache which some people have experienced. This may be due to the low dosage and pure quality.


Less need for fun and games

Over the last two months, my desire to see various series and new movies hit a zero. I am a person that usually like to see a few hours of something before going to bed. Not anymore. Instead, I look at relevant broadcasts, usually on YouTube, where I can learn something. It can be a Ted Talk, or a philosophical reminder from Terrence McKenna. In short, something I can learn from, or something that can put thoughts in progress.

Better control over the emotions is another positive side effect, I better have looked in after starting on Modafinil. I do not think that Modafinil can take all the credit, because I also meditate daily. Meditation has had a lot to say over the past six years, where psyche and my mental energy has become significantly stronger. The combination of meditation and Modafinil seems to have an even better effect in relation to how well I can control my emotions.



Does It Have Any Downsides / Withdrawal?

Maybe you think, like I did, that it sounds too good to be true. There must be some negative sides. Something. Right? Yes, Modafinil in very rare cases lead to skin disease Stevens-Johnson syndrome, but the probability is as low as to have an allergic reaction after eating a peanut.

With more than two months of use, I can not really put a finger on any negative aspects.


My conclusion & Where You Can Buy It

Modafinil has the potential to change your life for the better. It is certainly my immediate conclusion. One should not look far online to find several reports where Modafinil has helped to a more rewarding life with increased profits and happiness.

With that being said I wouldn’t suggest long term use of this substance since there is no scientific data about the long-term effect it has on the human brain.

Finally, I would point out that of course it’s at your own risk if you decide to experiment with Modafinil. I am not advocating that everyone should buy Modafinil, though my report might put up to it. This is my own my own experience.

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Please note that legality of Modafinil (whether it’s legal as a Research Chemical or for Human Consumption) varies from country to country. Please be aware of the legality of this drug in your country. This article is here as a general resource only. I do not encourage or recommend the consumption of drugs that are against the law in your country. As always, consult your doctor before starting a new diet or fitness program.